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 Properties:Special nc system for board shearing machine assembly;• Real-time display of material position;• Multi-step programming function, automatic operation and continuous positioning of rear baffle, automatic adjustment of position of rear baffle;• Shear counting function, real-time display of the number of shear, power off memory after the location of the block, procedures and parameters;• Assembly precision ball screw, linear guide rail, to ensure the positioning accuracy, high machining precision;
Name Specifications
1. HGN (K) series hydraulic guillotine features in a unique turret structure of three idler rollers guiding the rail. The former pre-pressing lead rail makes the turret be tightly between the upper rail and the lower rail and continually repeat reciprocating action.
2. These power squaring shear machines have the merits of integrated hydraulic system, with high quality hydraulic components and seals made by world-famous companies, so as to minimize hydraulic tubing to the least degree and ensure safe and reliable operation.
3. Hydraulic components and seals are all in the sizes conforming to ISO and DIN standards.
4. When cutting plates of different kinds and thicknesses, blades clearance can be easily adjusted through a blades gap quick adjustment device. In addition, blades gap value is shown on a dial plate.
5. Shear angle adjustment is available so that material distortions could be minimized. 
6. Our hydraulic guillotines are equipped with a centralized button station, contributing to easy operation..
7. This series power squaring shear machine is also characterized with brief appearance and great shape..

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