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VTURN Slant bed lathes

Part No. 45454

Horizontal Turning Center


  • Pursuit of Productivity
  • Genuine Slant Bed by One Piece Homogeneous Meehanite Casting
  • Servo Turret as for quick tool indexing
  • High feeds 30m/min
  • Wider linear motion guideways (35mm)
  • Easy Turning Cell for unmanned operation
●High Power Spindle with High Rigidity
●11kW (15HP) for Vturn-P16 and 15kW (20HP) for Vturn-P20
● Double roller bearings (NN type) are used on Victor Taichung'sown spindle to facilitate heavy cutting.
● Angular thrust bearings are used to absorb axial cutting force.
● The Spindle cover is designed with a 4 layer labyrinth seal toprotect the spindle bearings
● Encased in a heavily ribbed headstock for maximum heatdissipation.
Name Specifications
Swing over bed dia. Ø520mm

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